The Bike Sharing and Rental Solution for All

App-Bike combines smart phone and smart lock technology to bring you bike sharing and rental solutions that are easy to use. Our system works with existing infrastructure making it affordable and scalable.

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How does it work?

Sign up or log in.

Download the app to get started. You choose the payment option that works best for you.

Unlock a bike.

Scan the QR code on the bike or enter the bike number into the app to unlock a bike. You can also reserve bikes.

Enjoy the ride.

Go anywhere you like with the bike and stop along the way. Just remember to lock the bike each time you stop using the frame lock and cable.

Return the Bike.

When you've finished with the bike just return it to any of our hubs making sure that you stop your rental in the app.

Get started with our App

To rent a bike all you need is our free mobile app. It works with the vast majority of Android and IOS smartphones.

But not only that, you can control your account from the app, view all the hubs, check bike availability, make reservations for bikes and find points of interest in the local area.

Ride legally, considerately and safe

Follow the rules of the road. Obey traffic signs and signals and markings.

Do a pre-ride check. Check for any signs of damage or punctures, test brakes, and if riding at night that lights work.

Be Predictable. Ride at a steady pace and do not make unexpected turns and do not swerve in and out of traffic. When turning give clear hand signals in advance to let drivers and cyclists know what you are doing. Be aware of other road users around you.

User Pricing for App-Bike Public Schemes


From £2.50

Per hour

  • No Monthly Contract
  • Additional Time From £2.50/ Hour
  • Rent up to 4 Bikes Simultaneously
  • Most Popular



Per month

  • Daily free use of 1 hours
  • Additional time £2.50/ hour
  • Rent 4 Bikes Simultaneously
  • Max. Day Limit per bike £17.50



Per year

  • Daily Free Use Of 2 Hours
  • Additional Time £2/ Hour
  • Rent 4 Bikes Simultaneously
  • Max. Day Limit per bike £17,50

Corporate Rates


By arrangement

  • Please contact us for details

* Each of our membership plans auto-renews. Just let us know at least 14 days in advance of renewal if you don’t want to renew.

Membership plan payments are non-refundable.

Corporate rate

Please contact us for corporate deals and rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s work together to grow our businesses

We are interested to hear from anyone (large and small) interested in working with App-Bike in any area of the country.

How can my business get involved?

  • Install and/or operate your own App-Bike scheme
  • Promote your business with on-bike ads
  • Sponsor the scheme in your area
  • Promote cycling with bulk discounted memberships for staff or customers.



Whether it is getting employees to meetings, around and between sites or just out to lunch, the App-bike system provides an affordable and easy way to move and motivate your workforce.


Airports and rail companies can benefit from App-Bike’s expertise and system to promote sustainable transport to both customers and employees.

Residential Developments

App-Bike is a great way for your residents to get around, having a sustainable transport scheme can also help in the planning stages of each development help sell more units.

Local and Regional Authorities

App-Bike can make a positive impact and statement on sustainable transport, air quality, and public health. It helps to ease congestion also often provides a boost to local business and communities and can aid access to employment.


Providing access to bikes helps promote a sustainable campus, and students appreciate and enjoy moving around easily and cheaply.

Leisure & Hotels

App-Bike is the perfect solution to add value and enjoyment to your guests and employees.

About us

App-Bike is a trading name of Active Cycling Projects Ltd. We are small team who are passionate about getting more people on bikes and promoting cycling as a way of improving transport, air pollution and health.

We are always keen to hear from anyone who would like to know more about App-Bike or any of the projects that we design and operate. We would also love to hear from you if you would like to host and App-Bike hub, or partner with us in some other way to help us grow the App-Bike network.

We are also here if needed to help in anyway with App-Bike at

So don’t be shy

Support / Contact


    01892 320270



    Active Cycling Projects Ltd, Five Oak Green Road, Tonbridge, Kent. TN12 6RJ

    Contact Hours:

    9am- 5pm (Mon- Fri)

    App Bike Sharing

    App-Bike combines smart phone and smart lock technology to bring you bike sharing and rental solutions that are easy to use. Our system works with existing infrastructure making it affordable and scalable.