Case Studies

London Borough of Lambeth Pool Bikes

The London Borough of Lambeth has a good reputation for promoting cycling within its borough and like many employers has its own pool bikes for employees to use. Also like many employers the bikes were under-utilised and difficult to access due to lengthy drawn-out procedures to book a bike and then obtain a key for the lock. Often bikes came back with faults which didn’t get reported and there was a lack of accountability and control within the system. Keys regularly went missing and bikes even lost or stolen.

Lambeth approached us wanting to improve the efficiency, utilisation and accountability of their pool bike system. They wanted to keep their existing mixed fleet of bikes which included Brompton bikes in lockers, cargo bikes, electric bikes and standard pedal bikes, and ensure bikes were only used by those authorised to do so.

Using our App-Bike locking and rental system we were able to retrofit all their bikes with our electronic locks and provide them with a closed access system so that only authorised users can use the bikes. Once authorised and registered a user can book a bike in advance and then unlock it with our App-Bike app. No need for signing out keys, and through our system dashboard we can see exactly who has each bike and for how long. Bike faults are easily reported in the app also, allowing bikes to be taken out of service until repaired. Maintenance contractors have access to our operator functions allowing them to access bikes scheduled for repair.

Go-Ebike SEStran & ComoUK

The South East of Scotland Transport hip has launched its regional e-bike program GO e-Bike with the aim of increasing usage and awareness of power-assisted cycling across the South East of Scotland and beyond. Sestrans/ ComoUK contracted Active Cycling Projects to provide our App-Bike System to enable the smooth and effective operation of their projects. GO e-Bikes launched with 5 different projects in St. Andrew’s, Buckhaven, West Lothian and Falkirk and also encouraged employers to get involved with a ‘Try a GO e-Bike Roadshow’. This was only made possible due to the flexibility and adaptability of our App-Bike System and support. GO e-Bike aimed to promote a healthier more active population, reduce inequalities in communities and improve our environment.

Through its Programme for Government 2017/18, the Scottish Government is ‘stepping up promotion of the use of electric bicycles to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from active travel’. SEStran is helping to deliver on this vision with support from European programme funding by SHARE-North, Interreg North Sea Region.

With the successful launch of the first 5 projects, SEStran will be working over the next 18 months with other potential partners to increase the GO e-Bike footprint delivering more hubs across the South East of Scotland and encouraging more people to get on their GO e-Bike!

Leeds Dock (Allied London)

Allied London is an award-winning property development and investment company, creating inspiring places that dynamically change the way we work and live. Leeds Dock is designed to be an exciting and vibrant waterside development combining commercial, residential and leisure space. We were approached by Allied London to provide a bike rental scheme for use by the commercial and residential tenants only. Use of the bikes would be free for up to six hours per rental, and then chargeable for extended rentals.

App-Bike provide a fully managed solution which includes the bikes, maintenance, user support and insurance. The bikes scheme is positioned centrally within Leeds Dock and has proved incredibly popular with over 1,000 rentals being achieved by residents and employees in the first full year of operation. The bikes are very much an integral part of life at Leeds Dock and can frequently be seen in the background of Channel 4’s Stephs Packed Lunch which is also filmed and produced at Leeds Dock.

Scott’s Farm Camping

Located in the beautiful Witterings in West Sussex, Scott’s Farm is a family run campsite set within 40 acres of flat grassland. It is popular with families and makes an ideal base to explore the stunning beaches, countryside and villages and Historic Chichester is also close by. For some time, owner Doug had explored the idea of offering bike hire to his guests but was concerned that it would take up too much time with administration, be problematic, and require professional bike mechanics to maintain the bikes.

It was through a chance meeting whilst we were staying on-site at Scott’s Farm that Doug learnt about App-Bike. He immediately liked the idea that we fully managed every aspect of our App-Bike cycle hire operation, meaning his staff did not have to get involved in the day-to-day operation, and was keen to try it out. Shortly after we installed a fleet of bikes on-site for his guests to use.

With great cycle routes around the area and the rise in popularity of cycling as a holiday leisure activity, the bikes have been very well received by his guests, and each season we have been putting in more bikes to meet demand.

MAG Stansted Airport

Airports are big places with thousands of employees on-site working for various companies to support the operation of the airport. Dealing with this many people arriving by car each day presents problems for many airport operators in being able to shuttle these employees to and from the terminal buildings. Stansted airport has also seen rapid growth and a rise in people working on-site and to accommodate these workers additional car parks have been created, but these are some considerable distance from the terminal.

The surface transport team at Stansted approached App-Bike looking for an effective and greener solution to getting workers to and from the terminal from outlying car parking. Given that running a shuttle bus service costs over £100K per year, they were keen to look at more cost-effective options. For less than a 10th of the annual cost of a bus service, we have been able to provide a large fleet of bikes using our App-Bike system to shuttle these employees to the terminal and back again. There is no waiting around for a bus, and a user simply unlocks the bike with our app and locks it again when at their destination. In all it is quicker and more convenient for the user. We have also configured the app so that only authorised users can access the bikes, and all maintenance, support and insurance is provided by App-Bike.